Decided to include my process this time!
Finished comm for @ MingoFeatherss on Twitter!! Thank you so much again<3

Shares and feedback mean the world

A friendly pheasant bard, passing through each city to share some tunes and stories from his travels!

Shares and feedback mean the world<3

Uspol, twitter arguments 

Just because I don't wanna argue with you doesn't mean I don't Have an argument lmao

I just got argued at by someone on twitter for the first time bc of my joke political eel art

Seahorse concept!!

Shares and feedback mean the world to me<3

Wip that I’d love to get feedback on, new coloring and shading techniques maybe??

Seahorse-Jackpot concept!!!!

First doods I’ve done on my new tablet!

An orange spadefish, and my cartoon protagonist Jackpot!

Shares and feedback mean the world<33

Last icon I drew vs first icon I’ve drawn on my new tablet!!!<33

Feedback would mean the world to me!

Hey there!
My name is Sunny, I'm a freelance furry-cartoon artist!

Commissions are always OPEN! Check out my info below, where you can see my; queue, prices and my other social media!

Wanna send me a tip? Buy me a coffee! Really helps me out<3

Dick out, character design! Update 

@muttmusk Updated colors!

His name is Crabgrass

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Dick out, character design! 

Design by @muttmusk , base by kinghime on DA!

I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with this Boy yet, but feedback and thirsts are encouraged while I figure it out 👀

Knotting, belly full of cum 

Finished commission for @Aarkethrix !!<33

Thank you, again !

Jackpot and Dan- the goblin shark!
A concept for a character arc in Jackpot's in-writing story; 'The Showpony Effect!'

Feedback and shares mean the world to me <3233

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