I have an announcement! (Info in thread) 

I have an announcement, everyone!

As of recently, I've decided that I wanted to make it a full time goal to become a children's book illustrator and cartoonist- however, I still have an active interest in creating adult-rated content.

Of course, to work on both, I feel it necessary to make sure the types of content are kept neatly separated so that minors don't accidentally come across my NSFW content while trying to find my storybook portfolio or other works.

So, I will be rebranding!
I have created Sunny Sockeye Studios, and will be creating a separate brand name to keep future 18+ projects in one place!
My personal portfolio will be kept on a separate instance, and I will soon be transferring this one over as well.
I hope to still receive support from you all, and will be releasing names and links as soon as I'm all set up 💕

Thank you for reading!

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