A friendly pheasant bard, passing through each city to share some tunes and stories from his travels!

Shares and feedback mean the world<3

Omg this has gotten so much positive feedback, thank you so much 😭😭😭😭

@sockeye !!!!!! Aaa I love him :blobcatheart::blobcatheart::blobcatheart:​ oh my god

@sockeye holy shit the textures and use of color in this are just gorgeous

@sockeye wow! what an absolute friend. i would let them share a meal and a song.

@sockeye how do you keep coming up with the cutest characters omg

i adore the art style in this one too!!

@sockeye I wonder what interesting tales and stories this pheasant has to share... I'll listen, for sure!

@sockeye This looks‽ So cool‽‽‽ It's different from your normal style and also incredibly good‽‽‽‽‽

Like your art is just really phenomenal always

@localwerewolf It’s closer to how I draw and paint traditionally!! There’s way less of a disconnect now that I can draw directly on a screen<3

Thank you so much!!!

@sockeye (oops turns out I drafted this)

Wait so you have... Multiple styles? That's super cool! Meanwhile I spent multiple hours trying to figure out how to draw a snout and it still looks bad you're just so talented I can't believe it lol

@localwerewolf I draw a lot of different stuff, I just post pretty specifically porn here 😂 I'm thinking of making a secondary art only profile tho...

Thank you so much 😭

@sockeye I love this style a lot and would love to see more of it!

@Gumby @sockeye agreed! I love this style, and your graphic style allot!!

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