Redesigned Jackpot to be a zebra themed unicorn!
Hes still a Slut though

Feedback and flirts welcome <3 (and may get doodle responses, depending!)

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@sockeye that's the kinda shirt you just wanna go up and slip your hands under

@sockeye god I love zebra boys.... 😳💦
They are really good cuddlers... Kissers.. and the like...
*Fans self* :woahcat:

@sockeye This... Is a nice redesign ! And that shirt, enough room for two, it seems ! 😏

@Skye_Wilson Thank you so much!
And there just might be 🤔 let's find out!

@sockeye If you don't mind 'bout me slipping it in, to confirm that point, for sure ! 😉


@blanktape Please do, both are nearly equally as sensitive~

full blown lewd 

@sockeye let me on that fuckin horse cooooooock!

full blown lewd 

@blanktape Stroke my horn while I use you to stroke my cock 💕

full blown lewd 

@sockeye I can touch your horn and be your cock sleeve~

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