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Selfie, EC, Comparing Pre-T and Now 

found this picture the other day!! i think i'm more Masc looking now, i'm Square

First picture taken today, 3 years on T

Second picture is Pre-T from when i was 19

Gift for @sockeye as i'm trying to figure out the symmetry tool on procreate

he's a capybara/salmon

Opening 5 slots for symmetrical headshot icons!!

they're $20 each

DM if interested

5/5 Open

Lewd Pokémon Art 

Commission for @Jayne !!

I love drawing Pokémon

first of several symmetrical icons i'll be making for all my OCs/Sonas

this is Charade!!

an art i didn't upload yesterday, this is Professor Yogie

i'm gonna use him to make mini edu-comics

my little brother drew me this for my birthday and i need to show all of you

Commission for @Jayne !!

Really proud of how this one came out!!

🌟Comments and Boosts appreciated🌟

Glitch Effect, Abstract Gore, Commission Question 

If i were to sell something like this

like abstract gore or abstract glitchy art, would anyone be interested in that?? i'd probably do pieces for a flat $65

Mild Candy Gore, Fursona Art, Glitch Effect 

some more experimental stuff of my gamer sona, Gameboy!!

🌟Comments and boosts appreciated🌟

Experimental art for @sockeye !!

might maybe open commissions for experimental art pieces, not all of them would look like this exactly but it would be different than my regular art

🌟comments and boosts appreciated🌟

This season's sonas!!

Donuts is a year-round sona, as he's my main!! he's a corgi/heeler/shiba inu mix

Scarf is my winter sona!! He's a short little snow leopard boi

Nudity, Furry Sheath 

Custom design for @sockeye

Really proud of this one!!

🌟Boosts and comments greatly appreciated!!🌟

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