🌟March Commissions🌟

The theme this month is Magic!!

-Draw a card: $35, a custom MTG style card of your character! (6/6 open)

-Choose a class: $50, your character drawn as any d&d/WoW class (5/5 open)

-Spell Tutoring: $100, your character in any theme appropriate scenario with Reed or Lu [pic below] (3/3 open)

-Summon Beast: $150, your character summons a creature, what now? (3/3 open)

SFW and NSFW options available!! Check thread for availability!!
DM for questions or to nab one!!

I'm Sage, I'm a disabled trans artist in his mid-20s! I do freelance work, a majority of which is for the Furry community.
My commissions open monthly, with a set number of slots and a new theme every month!! Check my pins for openings!!


⭐ Support:⭐
Patreon: patreon.com/muttmusk
Ko-Fi: ko-fi.com/muttmusk

NSFW Furry Art, Floaty Hands, Feral Bits 

Who wouldn't want to touch all up on this boy??

NSFW Sona Ref 

Gameboy!! Ref officially done!!

🍄Transmasc (he/him)

🍄Twitch Streamer

🍄4'8", short and squishy

🍄Plays nintendo and collection style games almost exclusively

🍄Hard Bottom

🍄Small antlers

Base by KingHime, edits by me

Symmertical icon for @gulfie !!
Commissions are open, icons like this are $20

eventually i will post what they actually look like, but for now i'm gonna use these basic models i made in HeroForge

these are not accurate designs, just the closest we could get

1) Kabyl, Cape Genet, artist of the system, sort of neurotic
2) Lu, Cyborg Dog, mostly monitors the body's needs, calm and logic-driven
3) Baph, Horned Alien Cat Thing, "protector", warm and approachable
4) Omen, Wolfdog, "trauma goblin", angry and rash

if you have any questions about any of us, feel free to ask!!

finished symmetrical icon for RodentMeat on telegram!!

Icons like this are $20, finished in 1week

Selling symmetrical icons for $20!!
Can do any species (no humanoids tho)
Finished within 2 weeks!!
DM if interested, Unlimited slots!!

🌟Raffle Time🌟

I've decided i'm gonna hold a raffle!! There will be 3 winners, each will get a full body piece complete with basic shading and simple background!!

To enter:

-Be following me (new followers welcome)
-Boost this

Ends March 1st, 12PM Mtn Time!!

got these 3 icons finished up!! This is Fleas, Omen and Puppy!!
Icons like these are $20

Valentine's day art for the sweetest and most wonderful boy in my life

❤️ @CryptidCuffs

Custom design for @localwerewolf !!! Real proud of how this little batty turned out!!

so i play this game called Wolvden, and they recently added a thing that tells you how likely your hunting party is to actually capture prey

Comparing my first art of 2020 to my first of 2021

Umbreon and wolf icon from 2021, capypo and snep icon from 2020

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