🌟Emergency Commissions🌟

My landlord just informed my partner and I that we can't renew our lease and we have 3 weeks to find a place to move to

we are Very underprepared for this situation, so we need to raise as much money as possible

Please consider commissioning me if you can!! Prices here: trello.com/b/mwBKJWDb/muttmusk

You can also help out by sending money to:



or Muttmusk on Venmo

NSFW Furry Art, Commission Opening 

I wanna do more character interactions!! so i'm opening 2-character commissions for $80 each!!

Mostly looking to do NSFW but can do SFW too!!

DM me if interested!!

NSFW Furry Art, Cock Worship 

"What a pretty puppy~"

my sona, Streusel, ft @CuttlefishCryptid

Character design for @AshBunny !!!

first attempt at drawing a gardevoir, super happy with how it came out!!

🌟May Commissions🌟

My commissions are open for May!!

All regular commissions are OPEN, prices and extra examples here: trello.com/b/mwBKJWDb/koigi-cr

Please check thread for specials, as i will be adding them throughout the month instead of all at once

the first special of the month is Shitty Doodle Icons (examples below)

these are $7 each

-Doodle icons are finished same day
-you will not receive a sketch to approve, only the finished product

Please DM if interested!!

commission for @Sorl !!

Really really happy with how this came out, everyone look at it

possibly doing a new lining and shading style?? not super sure if i'm sticking with this shading or if i wanna try a different brush

also, first art of Triton

Let me draw your Digital Monsters

i'm offering a 25% discount on all commission types rn if they are any of the following:


other examples and prices: trello.com/b/mwBKJWDb/koigi-cr

My commissions for April are still open!! I have rent and bills to pay next month, and my husband's birthday is on the 26th and i'd like to have a little money to get him a cake and dinner

DM me if interested!! My turn around is around 1 week!!

Extra examples and prices: trello.com/b/mwBKJWDb/koigi-cr

Interested in tipping me??


Hey guys, if you use Artfol, i made an account there!!

username is the same as here

Bong YCH 

some finished bong YCHs from yesterday!!

First and last characters belong to MissMocksy on telegram, second character belongs to @Taris

WIP Art, NSFW Furry Art 

posting some sketches for stuff i will eventually finish

featuring @CryptidCuffs sonas

NSFW Furry Art, New Sona 


Meet Fletcher!! He's my new sona, probably gonna be a main!!

commission for @sixthhokage95 !!!

really happy with how this one came out, just look at their face!!

Bong YCH, NSFW, Canine Dong Shape 

bong ych for johnwolf!!

these are $35 each if anyone is interested!! for an extra $10, i can modify the bong shape (as seen here)

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