New sona for disability things!! None of my sonas have any of the conditions that i do so i figured i'd make one that does

This Boba Milk Tea (Boba, Milks)

he's trans and also:

⭐️Chronically Stupid

⭐️Always Sleepy

⭐️Needs to be on oxygen sometimes

⭐️Doesnt have his left lower leg

⭐️Is sorry he doesn't understand you and you can't understand him

🎨 by @SunnySockeye

More info about Boba:

He, like me, has ADHD, Schizoaffective and Cystic Fibrosis. He also has a ligament disorder that cause mostly his knees to be weak and stay in a "lock" position when standing still

he always carries an inhaler, and uses it pretty frequently. he doesn't have asthma but still needs it for his CF.

when having a schizo episode, he has a hard time processing language and therefore takes a long time to understand you. he also has trouble speaking in coherent sentences

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due to the ADHD, it's very hard for him to finish a task and if he does do it, he doesn't do it the "right" way

he's very good at hyperfocusing

also, because of his illnesses, he's Very Sleepy all the time. he usually has about 3 spoons in a day. He takes a long time to do tasks and has trouble staying awake during the day. He takes frequent naps and is usually down to rest and cuddle all day long

Boba loves you, but he doesn't always have the energy to respond to messages or go places

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Food and Cannabis Mention, Fursona Talk 

some less disability focused facts about Boba:

⭐️Favourite food is vegetarian buffalo wings

⭐️Sleeps with a stuffed animal puppy

⭐️Likes being called a Good Boi

⭐️Smokes weed both medicinally and socially

⭐️Mains Kirby in Smash

⭐️Bed/Couch has a lot of pillows and plushies for both support and comfort

⭐️Can usually be spotted with a blanket cape

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@muttmusk this is part is very relatable and i love him

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