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lewd bi thoughts 

Why DONT I draw cute girls more often??

Furry art, spitroasting 

Psst... if you comm art that features one of my sonas, I don’t charge for my own characters 👀

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Furry art, spitroasting 

When u and your buddy get laid as a TEAM 🤜🤛

Commission for the lovely @rezzish and @lunalapin , featuring MY dumb sona also.

This was a blast thank you sm again 💕💕💕

Shares and feedback mean the world!

Commission info here!

trans guy lewd things 

When I get a cock I’ll be unstoppable

Fact; in my home city, if you wanted to go to a movie theater you went to a movie theater that was also inside a casino

Actually, animal rights activists, let's take it a step further- my dog should pay rent

Koalas’ fingerprints have been mistaken for humans at crime scenes and I think about that all the time


“Oh, welcome! Pardon my state, I wasn’t expecting customers today.”

Shares and feedback mean the world! <3

So Jacque is PISSED
Punching doors like a proper cishet white jock

Meanwhile Premium is Crying
Nothing happened, but he IS crying

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We just did one with Sims we made out of our Sonas and Tucker died RIGHT after his character Donuts- Fletcher lived the longest

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We are gonna put them in a house and see how they Vibe before we put them through the trials of hell

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@CannabisCryptid and I are both making two characters in Sims who are total opposites and who would hate each other and putting them in the same house to see what hell we can put them through

NSFW furry art, penetration, primal, biting 

“You need to answer his riddle to enter the temple.

If you get the riddle wrong? Well...”

Concept YCH for @localwerewolf ! <33 Thank you sm again!

Shares and feedback mean the world!

You can teach a man to fish, but you can’t make him drink

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