A nice and fun outing for a couple of cuties!

Full scene commission for @chr , ft @Zest !

Thank you so much again, I’m so glad to be back to art! 😁

Interested in a full scene? They’re on sale for $100 per order, painted shading included!

@Zest @CuttlefishCryptid @chr brain wanted to misinterpret kobl legs as the collar of a fur (faux fur!) coat for a second, and actually that would be a cute look for khr X3

@Zest @chr It was a pleasure!! 💕💕💕 I missed drawing your koble!

@CuttlefishCryptid @chr @Zest Oh my god this is the most adorable thing ever and has just the best of vibes.

@CuttlefishCryptid Honestly, thank *you* for putting this good out into the world.

@CuttlefishCryptid @chr @Zest dragn and koble having a nice day together 🖤 🖤

-- demon goat

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