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Hey a friend of mine has recently become homeless and struggling. She is disabled and a good friend so pls help her out of you can pls boost too #MutualAidRequest #mutualaid #transaid

okay so

because i'm In A Mood

who wants free art of their sona fucking Donuts??

it will probably just be lineart, with basic (like 1 color) flat colors

oof the upstairs bathroom sounds like it's gonna be a Total Tearout and rebuild

my rats have this little bed that looks like a shark, they're supposed to go in it and sleep in the mouth

i don't think they understand that they are supposed to get inside it

anarchists who hate communists are just liberals who want to feel cooler than liberals

i also need a new full ref example, if anyone wants one of those at a discount

i can drop the price from $200 to $150

i didn't know my bank has a mobile deposit option

i need to get my second dose of the covid vaccine but i need to find out when Sunny will be at work so i know when is a good day to go get it

if you think that the human body with hair on it is inherently repulsive and you cant find that sexually attractive maybe you should unpack that in therapy babes?

oh the lady that's coming to check out our upstairs bathroom has such a sweet southern accent

“why am i here? just to go fast?” - sonic

a type of guy who makes up a guy to get mad at, but then realizes this guy is actually 100% him

its kinda funny that monarchy is just a scam that people are trying to keep going for as long as possible

mutual aid, begpost, you know what’s up 

as some of you may know I’ve been helping out a friend with homelessness. He’s getting a lot of shit sorted and I’m so proud of him but he needs a ride to the airport so he can move in with his girlfriend. I just need $40 to get him an Uber! So if 4 people could send me $10 or if 5 people could send me $8 that would be so so helpful. I only have like $70 in my bank account total because of moving otherwise I wouldn’t ask! Thank you sm!! #begpost #mutualaid

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