lowkey it's kind of discouraging that literally no one shows up for my streams ever

thinkin about streaming some slime rancher

thinkin about streaming some slime rancher

Streaming for a bit. Taking one full commission or multiple doodle commissions. NSFW/18+.

since my interview fell through yesterday, i don't really have another choice than to ask for fedi's support again

i'm trying my best, i've applied for 10 jobs over the past week and have heard Nothing, i've applied for state welfare but i don't think they'll actually give it to me because TN hates poor people

more info and donation/discount commission info here:



being trans and being together with trans ppl slaps actually

*gets uncomfortably close to the microphone* wives (bass boosted)

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people who make movies, stop putting fish's eyes on the front of their faces

please i beg you

kobold design for my brother!!

i'm havin a real fun time designing these

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