kobold design for my brother!!

i'm havin a real fun time designing these

he's here!! concept for my kobold sona, his name is Pebbles!!

Hey there! I'm Sage!!

I'm a 25-year-old transmasc artist!! This is my personal account!!


🌟Space Cadet

🌟Furry Artist

🌟Pizza Roll Eater

🌟Minecraft Addict

adding a Donuts art thread to this because everyone needs to look at my boy

first art by fmmefatal3 on telegram

the other 3 are bases i edited and recolored by Skunkify on insta

i did this little picrew last night of a potential dragon sona

can't decide which i like better tho

new design for Donuts!! it's basically exactly the same, he's just fluffier and missing a leg now

Puppy Place

A personal instance for 2 boyfriends!!